4 Pieces, 15+ Outfits

4 Pieces, 15+ Outfits

It’s probably clear by this point already - I’m obsessed with versatility.

Because the true value of a garment is being worn, isn’t it?⁠⁠

And to me, true versatility would come in both fit and style.

Fit versatility so we don’t have to sweat not being able to fit in your clothes, because body fluctuations are supposed to happen - we are alive!

Style versatility so we can effortlessly flow between working, lounging, moving and socializing, because our time should be spent on enjoying life, and not selecting or changing between outfits.

I've carefully included designs and mechanisms that support fit versatility. As an example, I tested our samples (in size S) on a dozen women ranging from size XS to size M-L in other brands, and found it comfortably fit all of them.

And these hidden mechanisms also allow the piece itself to transform in look and style!

In fact, our first collection is a super versatile mini capsule wardrobe that can create over 15 outfits just by themselves!

15 comfy chic outfits with our 4 piece collection

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