Our Story

Hey there! 

My name is Xi, and I'm the Founder and Designer of Sonderlier. 

Sonderlier /saun-der-lee-ay/ is the fruit of my long-debated decision to pursue my passion in fashion and design.

As women, we spend too much time waiting for our lives to finally begin. What are we waiting for, retirement? Too many of us live in dullness and routine, waiting for the year-end vacation that will magically make everything better. We stifle the fire of our dreams and aspirations (as I did with mine) with a simple, “maybe someday”. We are so busy waiting that we forget that life, beautiful life, is in our hands every single day. 

Sonderlier Founder

⁠⁠This existence is mirrored in the default way we produce and consume fashion. ⁠Pretty clothes are reserved for “special” occasions so rare that we mark them by wearing tight, uncomfortable pieces and an alternate persona. Meanwhile our regular clothes are dull – just something to get us through the day. ⁠Our clothes fall grossly short of meeting our everyday needs.

⁠⁠At Sonderlier, we are here to change the status quo in life and in fashion. We are here to honor the richness of life and the unique fire in each one of us. 

We believe that clothes should make us feel special even if it’s not a “special” occasion. Because we deserve to feel special every day. ⁠

We create clothes that are so comfortable, you can truly live in them. Unlike typical comfy clothes, ours are designed to inspire confidence and freedom. They are timeless, versatile, and functional, eliminating the stress from your dressing routine. And they are sustainable, because our planet is special too.

Putting on your clothes is a simple action that radiates through your life. This starting point in your day is a statement and constant reminder that you’re beautiful and special today and every day. Because you are worthy. Every. Single. Day. 

With love and fire,