Our Story

We make camera-ready clothing you could sleep in - clothing that looks like a dream and feels like a warm hug, for lounge, work, travel, and socializing. 
Our mission is to create clothing to serve our everyday wellbeing - clothing that can fulfill our aspiration for beauty, meet our need to be comfortable and free, liberate us from stressing over clothes not fitting or what to wear, and reflect our care for the planet. Because we believe we shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to look and feel our best. 

Meet Our Founder

Hi! My name is Xi, Founder and Designer of Sonderlier.

Even though I dreamed of fashion design since I was a little girl, I initially pursued a “more practical” career as a professor in engineering. After struggling for years to find clothes that would allow me to be comfortable yet still feel inspired and put-together, I discovered that many other women faced the same problem. So in 2019, I decided to fill this gap and finally pursue my designer dream.

My favorite thing is to combine my love for fashion with the engineer's focus on functionality. The result? Finally clothes we can live in and feel great about all day and everyday.

I hope you will love our clothes as much as I do!

Our founder