2020 holiday gift guide for joy

My Holiday Gift Guide for Joy

The best gift should spark joy and this is particularly true in 2020. 

So I curated a list of things with the intention that they will bring joy to the person receiving them. (And yes, I also secretly want them myself.)

Hope this guide will help you sprinkle joy on yourself and your loved ones this holiday season.

For the work-from-home-er

cashmere slipper

I don't know about you, but my feet are always cold. So a good pair of slippers is so important when I work from home. This pair made from 100% cashmere is the luxury for their feet - looks chic and feels super soft and cozy. Happy feet! 

For the plant person:

cute Areaware planter

FACT: plants are life! These stacking planters from Areaware are so cute and unique, they will be able to build their own little sculpture garden at home!

For the game lover

puzzle art
Who doesn't love a good puzzle? And this one caught my attention because it's also a beautiful art piece. So they can be soothed visually and by solving the puzzle. Gifting them a frame with it, so they will also get an art piece for their wall!

For the bath person

A good bath can really take so much stress away. This bath salt smells good, leaves the skin super soft, and contains detoxing ingredients. Ahhhh.

For the beauty enthusiast

The Lipstick Journey Liquid Lipstick
Lipsticks are those magical things that can elevate your mood (and your look) in less than a minute. These liquid lipsticks from The Lipstick Journey are my absolute favorite. The colors are lovely, and they are super moisturizing, and non-toxic. And even more, your purchase will support the fight against cancer. 

For the dog parent

Wild One Harness Walk Kit

I haven't seen a prettier walk kit than this! When I dream about having a puppy, this is the definitely the one to get. 

For the kiddo

jackalo kid's overall
What brings joy to kiddos if not play? This overall by Jackalo has extra durability and comfort made to last. Even better? You can go matchy matchy with your kid with their women's overall.

For the mama-to-be

Emelia George robe mask set

This sustainable robe and mask set by Emilia George is made for mama-to-be to bring to the hospital on their delivery day. Talk about a thoughtful gift. 

For anyone

Canceled Plans Scented Candle
You had me at "cancelled plans". But notes of aloe, agave, chrysanthemum, green floral, and patchouli? To tell you the truth, I already bought it for myself. 

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