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Style Bloggers To Follow For A Mindful Wardrobe

The journey of building Sonderlier for me is very much a journey of building a more mindful fashion approach.
Because fashion is not only about how we look, but more importantly, how we feel.
And our clothing is not isolated, it also about how we interact with the world and impact our environment.
So how can we pursue our aspiration for beauty, while staying true to our heart and our values?
To help answer this question, I'm pointing you to a few bloggers who approach fashion in a mindful way.
I hope, like me, you will be able draw inspiration from them in finding your style truth.

Lee @leevosburgh

Style Bee in blazer
Photo source: @leevosburgh

Lee of Style Bee defines her own style as "clean, considered and versatile". You can find a ton of everyday outfit inspirations using simple, minimalist and ethical pieces. She is an early adopter of capsule wardrobe and curates her style in a very thoughtful way. I have discovered some great staples from her. 

Dawn @dressing_dawn

style journal conscious fashion
Photo source: @dressing_dawn

Dawn of Dressing Dawn is the mindful closet queen! She says is so beautifully: "
Creating more intention around living in the things we value everyday, including what we own and wear." I adore how intentional she is about curating her wardrobe - what she calls "level 10 wardrobe" inspired by Hal Elrod's book The Miracle Morning. She often shares thought provoking posts that will help you think through your own style. Also, isn't her journal the most beautiful thing? 

Natalie @sustainablychic

sustainably chic sustainable fashion blogger
Photo source: @sustainablychic

An important part of being mindful is considering the social and environmental impact of our purchases. And Natalie of Sustainably Chic is one of the best sources for sustainable fashion and lifestyle. You can stay up to date with sustainable lifestyle brands, cool new materials, innovations and more. She has an awesome sustainable fashion directory for easy discovery of sustainable brands of all kinds. (Hope we can get on the directory soon!)

Kathleen of @consciousnchic

conscious n chic
Photo source: @consciousnchic

Kathleen of Conscious n Chic has such positive vibes about fashion, beauty, food (food!), social justice, and more. Her style is so vibrant and fun. And I especially love how she includes a lot of educational content on social justice, because behind each garment are people who make them!

Candice @candicemtay

Photo source: @candicemtay

Candice of Candice Tay shares great slow living and slow fashion inspirations and tips. On her page, you will find simple and minimalist styles great for everyday wear. Looking through her photos and words will make you feel like time has slowed down. 


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