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Mushroom leather, orange peel fabric, and more

Last week I attended Texworld USA, one of the largest fabric sourcing events in the US. I learned a lot and thought it'd be fun to share some of the interesting find with you. 😊 There were over 200 exhibitors from all over the world, and it was so much fun meeting interesting suppliers and fellow designers and business owners.


There were a lot of interesting discussions about the innovations that are happening in the fashion industry. A lot is brewing and businesses are starting to realize how much change is needed, especially to reduce the industry's environmental impact. I want to share some of my coolest finds with you, which may challenge what you normally associate fabrics with 😉

Mushroom leather, anyone?

Or maybe leather made from fish skin? 

fish leather

This is one of my favorites - fabrics made from orange peel waste. Talking about no-waste design! Really hoping they become available to small businesses soon! 

orange fabrics

 Dyeing methods are also undergoing innovations. Like this is black pigment made from the hemp plant that can be used to make black ink ✒

hemp ink

Mind blowing, right? 🤯

Most of these solutions are still not perfect, but they are so creative and so much fun! I'm super happy to see that the mindset was starting to shift and efforts are being made. It's a great time to be in fashion.


  • Xi

    Exactly! I think we are at a very exciting place. There’s still a ways to go to make them more functional, but the future is bright ;) It was so nice meeting you to Rebecca!

  • Rebecca

    As a vegan, I love the idea of orange peel and mushroom leather. I’m always amazed at innovations like this, how do they even consider it?! It was nice meeting you today at Engage, hopefully we’ll meet again in the future.

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