About Our Fabrics

About Our Fabrics

Did you know that it took me months to find the right fabrics for our first collection?

Because I wanted fabrics that feel really comfortable but still hold structure well so the designs wouldn't look frumpy. Also, by requiring the fabrics to be eco-friendly, the available options were much reduced. 

Luckily, I was eventually able to find the fabrics that tick off all of these boxes.

There's a lot to be said about them, and I will share some key information here. 

Of all the styles below 👇, I used two types of fabrics: Fabric 1 for the Ava Transformable Top (the white tops), and Fabric 2 for all other styles. 

Fabric 1

Fabric 1 is a medium weight fabric good for all year round. What's super cool about this fabric is that it's made of recycled post-consumer plastic bottles ♳, because why throw them in the landfill if we can wear them? 

Fabric 1 also has UPF50 sun protection and is anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking. You can actually work out in it (in fact you can even swim in it!) and win best dressed in the gym. ;)

Fabric 2

Fabric 2 is a fleece fabric great for Spring/Fall/Winter (and honestly summer nights in Michigan LOL). It's made from Tencel Lyocell and organic cotton (with 6% spandex for stretch). 

If you are not familiar with Tencel Lyocell, it's a really awesome sustainable fabric made from natural raw material trees like eucalyptus trees using a regenerative process. What that means is the trees are strategically harvested so no deforestation occurs! It's excellent in absorbing moisture, and therefore helps regulating body temperature and prevents bacteria growth.

As far as the feel on the skin, the best way I can describe it is a softer version of cashmere (but 100% vegan) . And it's Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified non-toxic! 

So this fabric is super gentle and great for sensitive skin

On top of that, this fabric is pre-washed. What that means is before making it into clothes, the fabric is already laundered by so called wash houses.

Why do that? Because even though natural fabrics are great, they do tend to shrink more. So pre-washing it ensures that you can machine wash the clothing, without having to worry about shrinking the piece

To learn more about the fabrics used in each piece, their exact compositions, and how to care for them, you can check out the details of our collection

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