Things to Know About Our Upcoming Kickstarter Pre-Order

Things to Know About Our Upcoming Kickstarter Pre-Order


Very soon you will be able to pre-order our first collection on Kickstarter, the largest crowdfunding platform that has helped thousands of creative projects to life!

After a year and a half of development and countless challenges, words cannot describe how excited I feel to finally get to this point!

Why did I chose Kickstarter

Sonderlier on Kickstarter


I want to thank you for being our first supporters by providing the highest value possible to you. Kickstarter’s system allows me to offer discounts in various rewards. Our subscribers will get first access to limited > 30% OFF retail price


Kickstarter’s interface is very intuitive and transparent. You will be able to view our product details in video and photo formats, and all relevant information to make informed decisions. I will also communicate with you throughout the process with updates, so you know exactly what is happening and when.


With your pledges, I will be able to finance production and offer fair wages to our American makers. 


Over-production and waste is a huge problem in the fashion industry. Your pre-order will allow me to know how much to product in each style, and thus minimizing waste in our production. 


Kickstarter is very reputable, reliable and secure, so you can feel safe making purchases on their platform.


As a small business startup, it's really hard to get eyes on our products. So your sharing of our business is extremely important to us. And Kickstarter has made sharing very easy. 

Important things to know about our Kickstarter

our launch dance


30 Days. March 23, 2021-April 22, 2021.


When our campaign is live, it will be first announced to our subscribers before the public. Our best prices come in limited quantities. So make sure you sign up for our email list here. 


Note that EARLY BIRD PRICE will be available for only the first two days. I will be sending reminders to our subscribers. But in case you miss my emails, set a reminder now to get your preorder in early so you don’t miss the best price!


We currently offering size XS-XXL. Pre-ordering allows us to produce according to your order, so you will be able to guarantee your size as long as it's within the available range. 


Our production will start after our campaign ends, so we are not producing inventory that ends up in a landfill. We have timed the production so that you will receive your order in time for Fall!

How to preorder on Kickstarter

Pre-ordering on Kickstarter is very easy. Just follow the following steps and you will be good to go!

  1. Sign up for a Kickstarter account (you can do this now!)

kickstarter sign up button

  1. Click the green “Back this Project” button at the top right of our page (sneak peek alert!)
kickstarter guide comfy fashion
  1. Choose a pledge tier and any add-ons

You can select from existing tiers, and add additional styles by checking the add-ons.

  1. Check out with payment details (you won't be charged until the end of the campaign if we reach our funding goal)
  1. Fill out survey at the end of the campaign to choose your size and color

We will send out a survey at the end of the campaign where you can select your size, color, and provide your mailing address.

And that's it! I can’t wait to share our live campaign with you! 💗

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