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The Pandemic Chronicle - Part I

Building a business is never easy, building a business in a pandemic is yet another story. 
If there's one thing I've learned this year, it's how much unexpected can happen. 

Don't get me wrong, unexpected is not always bad, in fact it can also be really good. 

In starting a business, I found that the good and the bad are both multiplied. The reason being there are just so many factors that's outside of your own control. 

Putting the lockdown aside (you can read about it in my medium article here), there's so much ebbs and flows in just the past couple of weeks.

Going with the flow is hard but I'm learning to be comfortable with it.

Flow - prototypes

Two weeks ago, Sonderlier's launch collection prototypes have finally arrived!
They have been in the making for 8 months, which is significantly longer than average due to the pandemic.
Needless to say, I was beyond excited that they were finally here! (Check out these babies! )
Clothing Prototypes
I was so over the moon that I was finally able to share full design reveals with our subscribers! (You can join us here to get access 💕.)

Ebb - nerves and quality

At the same time, I was super nervous from all the anticipation I had built over 8 months.
What if it doesn't turn out to be what I had in mind?
What if there are MORE things to fix?
Oh I didn't want to wait even longer.
My heart sank when I discovered issues with stitching - some seams were not as elastic as I hoped, and some threads popped open.
Even though there was no question that I would never sacrifice quality, it still took me a full day to come to terms with the fact that it meant we would need to wait longer.

Flow - Try on Party!

The good thing is, I knew what to do and am blessed with an awesome group of friends who were there to support.
I wanted to do an extensive wear test, where people with different body types would wear the clothes to see how they fit.
To tell you the truth, I had dreamed that I would invite all of my early subscribers to this try on party. 
Needless to say, I had to give up that idea. 
Even though it wasn't possible to invite everybody, I was so happy and grateful that seven friends braved the pandemic to join me and do this wear test!
We even had a photographer friend who was helping to document the process (more on it later) so you can see what it was like. 👇
Wear test party
The information I got from studying the fit on various realistic bodies was tremendously helpful - I made 7 full pages of revision notes from it!
And not gonna lie, hearing how much others like my design is pretty freaking awesome.
If you think these are a lot of ups and downs - hold the thought. The real challenge begins when I set out to implement the revisions... (to be continued)

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