The Birth of Sonderlier - Part II

The Birth of Sonderlier - Part II

I’ve always been absolutely fascinated by designs that combine beauty with functionality. But they are surprisingly difficult to come by in clothes (trust me, I did my research). I love elegant and tailored pieces, but I also like to, you know, breathe and eat. So I always end up going back to the comfortable – T-shirts, sweats, knits. Although I enjoy the comfort, I get frustrated with how “basic” and sloppy they make me feel (I can’t blame Anna Wintour for never wearing sweats). And that’s not just me. Many of my girlfriends complain about how they have to wear yoga clothes a lot of the time, while their beautiful (and expensive) clothes gather dust in their closets because they just don’t fit into their real life. I mean who wants to bind themselves in tight dresses and suits if they don’t have to? After so many failed attempts to find clothes that didn’t make me compromise comfort for style, I realized, I'd just have to create them myself.

During my “first life” in the university, I studied the intersection of supply chains and sustainability. It pained me to learn how so many fashion supply chains are long and inefficient, create huge amounts of waste and a staggering environmental footprint, and condone horrific labor practices (more to come on this). Our everyday dressing shouldn’t have to come with such expense to people and the environment. Women deserve to have options where they don’t need to compromise their values. The industry is crying for a change. I want to be part of that change.

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Today, I’m moving forward full-force with my three passions: fashion, sustainability, and supporting women to live to their full potentials. Sonderlier is the embodiment of these passions. I’ve got a whole lot to learn. Like a LOT. It’s intimidating and exciting all at once. But when I dress in my own clothes that make me feel comfortable and elegant and beautiful, I feel more at ease and ready to conquer the world. Women should be able to feel all of that whenever they reach into their closet. And that’s what Sonderlier is about.

I can’t wait to share everything with you. Please join our journey and lend your support with your comments below and shares. They mean the world to me.


Lots of love,


Founder and CEO, Sonderlier



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