How to style the Ava Convertible top

Elevated Outfits with the Ava Convertible Top

This article is part of the series "Wear with Your Closet", where we share outfit ideas of a Sonderlier piece worn with items that you likely already have in your closet.  Because we believe the best clothing choices the ones that let you elevate what you already have.

What can you wear with the Ava Convertible Top? Probably most bottom styles commonly found in your closet. It is minimal yet elevated, making it a perfect piece to upgrade a simple outfit.

Wear with Jeans

For a casual yet classy look, pair with blue jeans and loafers. Virtually any shape and color jeans, be it skinny, flair, straight leg, or boyfriend jeans, will be am fantastic match.

Ava styling in picture: closed neckline, tighter waist setting, and untucked 

Ava convertible top and jeans 

Wear with Midi-Skirt

For an elegant and feminine look, pair with a minimal midi skirt, and ballet flats or heels based on your preference. Our Audrey Skirt is shown here as an example. 

Ava styling in picture: open neckline, tighter waist setting, and fully tucked.

Ava convertible top with midi skirt 

Wear with Work Pants

For an office-ready look, simply pull on a pair of high-waist work pants and heels and you'll immediately get a professional and uniquee outfit.

Ava styling in picture: closed neckline, loose waist setting, and fully tucked.

Ava convertible top for work


Wear with Shorts

In the heat of summer, the Ava plus shorts combo creates a casual preppy look and is definitely a favorite! I like to pair sneakers or flat sandals with this outfit.

Ava styling in picture: closed neckline, looser waist setting, and tucked.

ava convertible top with shorts

Wear with Black Leggings/Jeans

For a super cool and minimal look, pair the black Ava with black faux leather leggings or skinny jeans, and Chelsea/combat boots. 

Ava styling in picture: closed neckline, tighter waist setting, and untucked.

Ava top in black


Wear with Patterned/Color Pants

Since the Ava is very minimal, you can use patterned or bold color bottoms to get a fun contrast. You can pick virtually any pattern or color and they will work with the top. Though pay attention to the fabrics - stick to structured fabrics for consistency. 

Ava styling in picture: closed neckline, half-cinched waist setting, and untucked.

Ava convertible top with checkered pants


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