Easy Work-From-Home Outfit Ideas for Comfort and Style

Easy Work-From-Home Outfit Ideas for Comfort and Style

Experts suggest time and time again to wear regular work clothes when working from home, to improve productivity. But honestly, who wants to wear uncomfortable work clothes at home, especially with all that's going on in the world and all we need to worry about? 🤷🏻‍♀️⁠

That said, it's definitely not the best idea to stay in your pajamas all day as they put us in a sleepy mentality and can easily make us feel sloppy. ⁠

So our clothes really need to both provide comfort and make us feel confident. It's my mission to find the space where the two meet, and the reason why I started Sonderlier. ⁠

With COVID-19, so many of us are working from home and not sure what to wear. So even though the Sonderlier pieces are still under development, I want to share some WFH outfit ideas and tips that you can easily put together with things already in your wardrobe, so you can feel both comfortable and confident.

Oversized blazer + basic-T-black-leggings combo

Chances are you are probably already wearing T-shirt and leggings. Have a zoom meeting? Sweat not. Simply throw on an oversized blazer, and now you are camera ready and still have a cute and coordinated outfit.

Pro-Tip: No oversized blazer? "Borrow" his (as pictured here) 😉

Wear a "set" for instant polish

Matching patterns in the outfit

Nothing will make you feel more sloppy than wearing clothes that don't belong together. An easy way to make sure that doesn't happen is to wear a set. For example, sweatsuits feel much more put-together than two random sweats thrown together.

Pro-Tip: If you don't own sweatsuits, a super easy way to create a "set" look is by wearing items with similar patterns, like in this picture, I'm wearing stripe + stripe. 

Take advantage of loose-fit items

Oversized shirt and wide leg pants

How to get with professional look, yet still maintain loungewear comfort WITHOUT sweats? Take advantage of loose (but still structured) silhouettes, like this oversized shirt + wide-leg pants combo. ⁠

Pro-Tip: Opt for pants with elastic in the waist-band for extra comfort.

Cardigan is your friend

cardigan and jeans

Preppy and comfortable, cardigans are ideal for working at home. Wear it with stretchy jeans for a no-fail outfit that you can move well in. 

Pro-Tip: Play with color and texture, and add some fun to your outfit! 

Add mood-lifting accessaries 

You can easily elevate basics like T-shirts and sweatpants by adding accessary details. For example, wrap a mood-lifting scarf as your super-working-woman cape - instantly special ✨.

Pro-Tip: Pay with different colors and how you wrap the scarf to fit your mood.


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