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6 Easy Work-From-Home Outfit Ideas for Fall/Winter

Leaves are turning colors and the breeze is getting cooler...

Is it that time of the year...

to change from Summer sweatpants to Fall sweatpants?

LOL perhaps it doesn't have to come down to that yet. 

Rather than continuing to be bored of sweatpants (or gym clothes, or pajamas, you know what I mean), how about some outfit ideas that are just as easy but make you feel more confident and inspired?

I know you are anxious about leaving your leggings behind. But I'm here to tell you the good news - you don't need to!

I put together these ideas for you with leggings and other items that you likely already have in your closet.

A total no brainer, right? 😉

Turtleneck + leggings + checkered blazer  

blazer leggings wfh outfit
Steve Jobs has taught us the power of a black turtleneck. Wearing it with black leggings comes naturally. Then throwing a checkered blazer on top will instantly give you the scholarly look. 🤓
Pro tip: Oversized blazer works especially well with this look. Don't have one? Borrow one of his blazers! 😄

Sweater + comfy pants

minimalist wfh outfit sweater sweatpants
This one is for the minimalist at heart. Wear a solid color sweater tucked into a pair of comfy pants in the same color family. There you have it, a monochromatic look that's so chic and easy. 
Pro tip: Keeping the color in the neutral family will look more chic. You can also add simple jewelry for more visual interest. 

Button down shirt + sweater + leggings

WFH outfit leggings sweater shirt
I know how much you love leggings - me too! And they totally can be worn in chic ways. Layer a sweater outside of a button down shirt on top of plain leggings is a great way!
Pro tip: An oversized button down that covers the hip area is more flattering and comfortable.  

Cardigan + T-shirt + cropped pants

wfh style cardigan outfit
Cardigans are must haves in Fall/Winter. And you bet these pants are stretchy also.
Pro tip: You know what else works instead of these cropped pants? Leggings! 😂

Sweater + jersey dress

fall outfit idea wfh sweater dress

Think you need to put away the summer dress you didn't get to wear? Not so fast. Layer it underneath a sweater and you now have a feminine and comfy Fall outfit.

Pro tip: Use jersey dress for comfort. Let your sweater match a color on your dress for a more consistent look.

Cardigan + Jeans

wfh outfit fall/winter jeans cardigan
If you are feeling fancy (aka jeans 😂), simply throw on a fitted cardigan on top and a pair of ballet flats on your feet. Voila! Instant French girl vibe.
Pro tip: Wear the cardigan directly as the top rather than putting it over anything else to avoid looking bulky.
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