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a better way to style.

In a world that chases newness and trends, we choose to slow down, de-stress, celebrate the timeless, and savor how good it can feel.

You know the frustration that all your "cute clothes" are collecting dust in the closet waiting for a special occasion, while your daily comfy pieces leave you feeling frumpy and bored? That sucks, and we are here to change that.

Sonderlier is born out of the belief that clothing should serve our everyday wellbeing - to fulfill our aspiration for beauty, to meet our need to be comfortable and free, to liberate us from stressing over clothes not fitting, and to reflect our care for the planet.

Each of our design is created to help you navigate the everchanging settings of your day with a sense of ease and joy. We love elegant silhouettes, and we also love comfort and versatility. In our collection, you will find timeless pieces that have multiple ways to wear, and are so comfortable that you can literally sleep in them. Truly, dressing well has never felt better.

meet our Founder

Hi! My name is Xi, and I'm the Founder and Designer of Sonderlier®.

Even though I dreamed of fashion design since I was a little girl, I initially pursued a “more practical” career as a professor in engineering. For years, I struggled to find clothes that would fulfill my love for the classics yet comfortable enough to wear all day. So I decided to create my own solution.

Sonderlier allows me to combine my love for classic styles with the engineer's focus on functionality. I love creating clothes that we can truly live in and feel great about all day and everyday.

I hope you will love them as much as I do!